Australia’s Rock Art book

We are still endeavouring to get approvals from various Aboriginal groups to include images of rock art in Mike’s new book Australia’s Rock Art. Unfortunately several groups have requested the images not be published, in many cases despite the fact they are publicly accessible in National Parks, have been published many times previously, and again in many cases images are available on the internet.

It is still hoped to publish the book later in 2017 …

Price reductions!

Prices for all the Wildrocks titles have been significantly reduced, effective immediately. This is possible as the production costs have now been largely covered and I am anxious to make the books available to as wide an audience as possible.

The Depuch Rock Art book is on hold as Traditional Owners have requested it not be published due to cultural sensitivities. I would still like to discuss the publication with the TOs, but that seems difficult at present.

The Australia’s Rock Art book is still in the process of cultural approval with several Aboriginal groups, although many have welcomed the book and given full approval. Publication is probably still some months away, hopefully by mid 2017.